Ana Radojkovic
Ana Radojkovic 20 tundi tagasi
This. From begging to the end ❤
AAMOUNEH ! 21 tund tagasi
Sooo gorgeous omg
Žydrūnas Dudėnas
Žydrūnas Dudėnas 23 tundi tagasi
You are awesome! Love from Lithuania!:)
Laelae_ Jensen
Laelae_ Jensen 23 tundi tagasi
3:52 bom bom bom bom YAsSS
Demonic Monica
Demonic Monica 23 tundi tagasi
This is honestly just the basics of makeup that no one in makeup video talks about, but we needed to hear.
sydney altieri
sydney altieri Päev tagasi
My guess is Doja cat!!
April Batzle
April Batzle Päev tagasi
We were all rooting for GottMik . I sure didn't understand why Mik didn't win 💖
Rene Reveron
Rene Reveron Päev tagasi
Why is he soooo damn cute....?!!
Zombalaya Q
Zombalaya Q Päev tagasi
We all laugh about the Polka record and Classical album, but when she does it-
Eva-Lisa Solhemmer
Eva-Lisa Solhemmer Päev tagasi
Our Queen! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜
Yui Tamura
Yui Tamura Päev tagasi
4:01 Ooo, I could use it for my cosplays.
Tiffany Stockman
Tiffany Stockman Päev tagasi
My all time favorite Disney princess is Cinderella
Tiffany Stockman
Tiffany Stockman Päev tagasi
Nikkie u r the makeup Queen ur transformations r just amazing i love 💘 ur makeup videos
Noodle Evan
Noodle Evan Päev tagasi
Niki. this is a BEAUTIFUL look. I LOVE both sides, I tend to love the sharp, snatched, dramatic smoky eye. I'd suggest for future reference, to do a darker, redish orange lip.
Tiffany Stockman
Tiffany Stockman Päev tagasi
I wanna try brow gel the brows in my opinion kinda can really make a person's face the look like learning this stuff
Alexander Diaz
Alexander Diaz Päev tagasi
Is Gottmik high ?
Tiffany Stockman
Tiffany Stockman Päev tagasi
Nikkie u rock as a person as well as creativeness as a wonderful makeup artist 🎨
Tiffany Stockman
Tiffany Stockman Päev tagasi
Thumbs up Nikkie love watching ur videos for this reason I love trying different makeup and how it is on my face and how it wears and looks thanks
Tiffany Stockman
Tiffany Stockman Päev tagasi
Thumbs up super proud rock the green love 💚
Tiffany Stockman
Tiffany Stockman Päev tagasi
Love the lip liner I did the same doing my makeup tonight bored just watching some of ur videos doing my makeup
genna gem
genna gem Päev tagasi
1st one for e-girl Doja cat
Bimbo Erotica
Bimbo Erotica Päev tagasi
Hanapikopi Päev tagasi
it's not too crazy, maybe i'm just used to katya zamolodchikova.
Gigi soglamorousipeeglitter
Gigi soglamorousipeeglitter Päev tagasi
Even when I heat up my curler my eyelashes will still barely curl! I have you beat on the worst eyelashes to exist!
Pickle Päev tagasi
she said "chav check x" LMFAOOOO
Pineapples do not Belong on pizza
Pineapples do not Belong on pizza Päev tagasi
Who else is watching this to learn how to do their trans siblings makeup
Pixel Gun man
Pixel Gun man Päev tagasi
Mery Carmen Ramirez Osorio
Mery Carmen Ramirez Osorio Päev tagasi
You have a graet talent, you are an amanzing person and thank you so much for teach how to do a great eyebrows.
Kelly Mikulka
Kelly Mikulka Päev tagasi
Less concealer. You don't need that much. Your foundation covers a lot.
Mehak Dhand
Mehak Dhand Päev tagasi
Okay so I absolutely loved this video and I LOVE Pat McGrath but I have this L’Oréal lipstick and when I twist the top part like you did here the lipstick came up absolutely straight and when I twist the bottom it twirls and comes up so maybe it’s with every lipstick and we just didn’t know it until now? Just a thought!
The Heij
The Heij Päev tagasi
Geweldig, Maddie Ziegler ongelooflijke danser en een mooi mens.
Sılanur çelikpençe
Sılanur çelikpençe Päev tagasi
Why are there no Turkish subtitles please do
janset ayça
janset ayça Päev tagasi
it looks like🤡
h f
h f Päev tagasi
This made me furious
Tia Corn
Tia Corn Päev tagasi
Юматова Ксения
Юматова Ксения Päev tagasi
Omg omg for all the Russians in the comments: imagine Nikkie wearing those earrings in Russia 😅😅😅 For those who are not: in Russia older people are very religious mostly, so if she did wear them, they might have really come up to her and tell her nothing pleasant :( Btw we are not angry people, mostly friendly, it’s just that religion isn’t the funny joke topic here 😊
MacFion Päev tagasi
Nikki ngl, I think your mom is a lovely lady, very attractive, I see were you get it from.
Just David
Just David Päev tagasi
I hear you ❤️
Marleen Rozema
Marleen Rozema Päev tagasi
“Hallo glimmende baby’s”
Marly Ortega
Marly Ortega Päev tagasi
As a former employee, ROYGBIV is Victoria's Secret color code for arranging their bras panties ECT... ♥️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤 🤍. Just a lil FYI to one of my fave EEpostrs, Love you Nikki!
Timothy Autumn
Timothy Autumn Päev tagasi
Me - a german - who cannot speak dutch, kinda understand what you said 😂 Idk for me dutch is like a mixture of english and german
Gourab Mukherjee
Gourab Mukherjee Päev tagasi
This is really pretty actually even when I love drag makeup, she can definitely go to date or wedding in this, AND PLEASE KEEP THAT LIP
Janeen K
Janeen K Päev tagasi
@nikkietutorials Girl can you make us some Disney inspired eye looks!? 💚💚💚
New Oo
New Oo Päev tagasi
Selena Gomez is my heart
Janeen K
Janeen K Päev tagasi
@nikkietutorials Girl can you make us some Disney inspired eye looks!? 💚💚💚
Gustav Cosplay
Gustav Cosplay Päev tagasi
Trump's makeup routine
Jesica Stevenson
Jesica Stevenson Päev tagasi
Love! Does anyone know where to get that hoodie he has on???
Maggie D'Souza
Maggie D'Souza Päev tagasi
You Go GURLLL❤️❤️
shannon engle
shannon engle Päev tagasi
Loved this video! Would love to see more
Divinitymauve Kevinlee
Divinitymauve Kevinlee Päev tagasi
Omg GottMik your strings on the “crash the cis-stem” sweater is driving me crazy 🥴I want to fix it for you 😂
Fenna Päev tagasi
nikkie should make a video of her doing the “bronze” items🥰
Steven James
Steven James Päev tagasi
Whait I can t where eye liner I’m a little kid
Roxane Radulescu
Roxane Radulescu Päev tagasi
Why they didn't make it for the desktop to? =( Can they make it for the computer to? Please.
msn litadventures
msn litadventures Päev tagasi
I don’t really watch videos from the beauty community but you are one of the most authentic and genuine people I have seen on here. Your story is much different than mine but it still inspired me so much. Thank you for sharing 💕
Izzy Mac
Izzy Mac Päev tagasi
Lala Tex (for the name) ;)))
截ち切る⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ 2 päeva tagasi
Awww mother and son
Angelica Vega Rosas
Angelica Vega Rosas 2 päeva tagasi
I'm so proud of you girls