Finally Revealing My Secret | NikkieTutorials: Layers Of Me

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After being blackmailed, Nikkie takes control as she prepares for her powerful coming out video, but behind the scenes she is battling with telling her closest friend the truth.
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yndy portier
yndy portier 42 minutit tagasi
Kandi Henderson
Kandi Henderson Tund tagasi
👍👍🙌🙌👏👏 I have a few things to say 1. Alot of the time not always but most with trans at least in my experience u can see look at them and see that they used to be the other sex the body frame the hands bone structure of the face. But you Nikkie ur body fits who u r! And u r beautiful 2. Never feel like u have to tell ur secrets and whoever it was that made u feel like u had to do this is an asshat! 3. I hope this doesn't mess up u and ur life from "coming out" because this u were always soooooo happy looking. Hope its freeing xoxo
Sılanur çelikpençe
Sılanur çelikpençe Päev tagasi
Why are there no Turkish subtitles please do
MacFion Päev tagasi
Nikki ngl, I think your mom is a lovely lady, very attractive, I see were you get it from.
Paulina서연 2 päeva tagasi
I always loved you Nikkie 😢💜💜💜 Always looked up to you and always will ~♡♡♡♡
justin davidson
justin davidson 3 päeva tagasi
I don’t know how this is a big secret that she’s trans it’s very obvious
Beauty Cookie
Beauty Cookie 4 päeva tagasi
6:39 This scene is just..mindblowing. I bet nobody has ever known how much emotion she had to hold back and come out as a "Nikkie" to us. I would love to say her you've been doing your best and thank you for being a EEpostr.💗
Emma 4 päeva tagasi
She is such a beauty. In every sens.
Doctor Zanahoria
Doctor Zanahoria 4 päeva tagasi
❤️❤️❤️❤️ you are our sister Nikki
Nancy Werkhoven
Nancy Werkhoven 4 päeva tagasi
you should be so proud of where you are now, and how far you came from, this doumentary made me cry from how proud i am of you. you deserve all the love youre receiving
Tiffany Stockman
Tiffany Stockman 4 päeva tagasi
U r just Beautiful keep ur head up i also ❤ watching u
Sereth Eiram
Sereth Eiram 6 päeva tagasi
I didn’t know, she was Dutch, till today, aaaand I love it 😍😂
Frantisek Dolezal
Frantisek Dolezal 6 päeva tagasi
thank you so so so much Nikkie, you dont even know how much.
the Party of ONE
the Party of ONE 6 päeva tagasi
Nikkis real lie: she’s a demon and wants to eat your kids fingers
Darren Matt
Darren Matt 6 päeva tagasi
Just want to say Nikki didn’t lie about anything by protecting her identity/past. This is not the same as a lie because the only thing motivating the person not to tell is fear of rejection. She’s beautiful inside and out and whoever blackmailed her is a real POS.
Bea Uta
Bea Uta 6 päeva tagasi
p.s. You are beautiful You have been beautiful I would never guessed but you are so talented and that's what is most important... you be you boo I love your courage. I only piqued to look at all your videos when you conversed with GottMik. Beautiful you!
Armando Ramirez
Armando Ramirez 7 päeva tagasi
Átila Machado
Átila Machado 7 päeva tagasi
Jessica Valero
Jessica Valero 8 päeva tagasi
Youre an inspiration to all people who see their gender as just a part of them and not the whole damn thing!
Michele G
Michele G 8 päeva tagasi
Wait: What is your secret to being beautiful on the inside as well as out?
Michele G
Michele G 8 päeva tagasi
I love your channel.
Michele G
Michele G 8 päeva tagasi
My questions are these: 1.Are you happy now and did it solve whatever you felt that your problem was? 2. Is this German that you and your mom are speaking because I understand some of it but not all of it. The accent is different than the German that I remember.
WrittenFrom TheHeart
WrittenFrom TheHeart 8 päeva tagasi
You were never born in the wrong body, you were born in the correct body dear!
Amal Jl
Amal Jl 8 päeva tagasi
Nooo we won't look at you differemtly Nikkie. You are a human that deserves to be loved, respected . It was a great step for you to announce that you were "born in the wrong body" and I totally appreciate it. You are brave. You are courageous. You are beautiful. YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING
The Weird.
The Weird. 9 päeva tagasi
I wish I had a parent like hers.
Dee 9 päeva tagasi
We all have things in our past we don't like talking about, out of fear of judgment, retaliation from those who don't understand. So, I get her fear of telling people of her past. But, you have nothing to fear. We luv u regardless! 🤗You are NOT your PAST. Much luv. 🙏🏻💛
Annica Johansson
Annica Johansson 9 päeva tagasi
I think that you are asom ❤️❤️❤️
Jenifer Nascimento
Jenifer Nascimento 10 päeva tagasi
Omg I'm so happy to watch this and getting know more about you. I'm so proud of you Nikkie 🤩
Beuty Beast
Beuty Beast 10 päeva tagasi
Don't be sorry because you don't lie but you don't speac
Key StillBelieves
Key StillBelieves 11 päeva tagasi
If that certain someone would have NEVER blackmailed her, I would have NEVER known & I'm perfectly fine with that! So What...LET HER BE!!
Chuckie Finster
Chuckie Finster 11 päeva tagasi
Is anybody else shocked that she was able to keep this a secret for so long? Doesn’t it seem like one person from her school would’ve come out and said something to the media?
Kasia Siefert
Kasia Siefert 3 päeva tagasi
She looks completely diffrent from what she looked like in highschool to what she is now. Maybe they didn't even recognize her to be that Nikki? I'm just guessing. Or maybe they just accepted her and knew it was her business and no one else's?
Miss Rose
Miss Rose 12 päeva tagasi
"A vlog, let's make a vlog -- A RABBIT" is the most intense me energy I have ever seen reflected in another human being. Thank you for being there for us when we needed you too, and we'll always be here for you.
Ben Jamin
Ben Jamin 12 päeva tagasi
If she was my daughter I’d be so proud
Amanda Gruwell
Amanda Gruwell 13 päeva tagasi
I'm not sure if this is relevant or not, and I could go on and on about things happening in my life when regarding my son, BUT now that I know this "secret" about you, I still can't help but think that I'm watching a woman do makeup. You ARE who you were truly born to be. Don't ever feel shame in that! You're gorgeous and talented! Keep on doing you girl!
Caroline YiJie
Caroline YiJie 14 päeva tagasi
You are Nikki. Your gender, your past, and your pronouns do not define you.
Aimee Valentin
Aimee Valentin 14 päeva tagasi
This was absolutely beautiful!!!!
Paxton Peace
Paxton Peace 14 päeva tagasi
💕💕💕🌈🌈🌈 I love you soooooo much!!!
Susanne Deumig
Susanne Deumig 14 päeva tagasi
I'm your Mum's age and I think you are Nikki the person. You are so strong, such a survivor. Challenges in life make you who you are today. I think you are amazing, and your mother is definitely the best!!
Kat T
Kat T 15 päeva tagasi
I am so late seeing this, but I’ve been watching your videos for years and years. I can honestly say I was surprised, but not upset by any means. I didn’t watch your videos because of your gender. I watched them because you are the best makeup artist ever, best attitude, and give the best tips and advice. LITERALLY THE BEST!!! 💗
Reception Ftm
Reception Ftm 15 päeva tagasi
Wow! You are drop dead georgeous❤❤
Osaruese Okonedo
Osaruese Okonedo 15 päeva tagasi
All thanks to her mum first
Blackrican 89
Blackrican 89 16 päeva tagasi
Love her and love her mom!
S. Allen
S. Allen 16 päeva tagasi
It didn’t seem like a lie she was telling, just a part of her story that she didn’t want to share, that’s all.
pinks in sync
pinks in sync 17 päeva tagasi
bruh, I didn't know that Nikkie was *that* tall....
Lauren Marie
Lauren Marie 18 päeva tagasi
She's such a beautiful person. So proud of her! 💞😍💪
Jasmine C
Jasmine C 18 päeva tagasi
I just wanna give her a hug 🥺
Quensensación 19 päeva tagasi
You are my bigger inspiration I love you so much
Helix Moore
Helix Moore 19 päeva tagasi
I love the language.
Madison Anderegg
Madison Anderegg 20 päeva tagasi
I honestly never would have known. Im mind blown! I still think you’re an amazing person. I have struggled my entire life with hating my body and my looks. I feel your pain, and I am happy for your liberation!
Natália Oliveira
Natália Oliveira 20 päeva tagasi
This is so great, you have so much courage and this video is VERY IMPORTANT to the world !!!! You have inspired millions of people around the world, but now you inspire more with your greatness !!! Thank you for this video, for existing and being so amazing !!!! It touched me in a way that I can't describe.
Charlene Simon
Charlene Simon 20 päeva tagasi
Nothing will change ❤️ you're a beautiful woman, with amazing talent. Keep being who you are NOW. You're happiest this way. And I'm so happy you've discovered who you are. Keep being you. I'm proud of you ❤️
Zandile Jonas
Zandile Jonas 20 päeva tagasi
You beautiful ❤and strong woman. Never let your past take control of the life you've created and worked hard for. Stay strong ❤💋
Michelli Muniz
Michelli Muniz 21 päev tagasi
I love you ❤️
Lynx Lefay
Lynx Lefay 21 päev tagasi
What a wonderful mom Nikki has. ❤
M Peterson
M Peterson 21 päev tagasi
This story is so truly amazing and inspiring. Nikki you are so beautiful. Please never stop being you. You are such a role model for people of every shape and size and gender- you are such a gift to the world !
Jessie Amin
Jessie Amin 21 päev tagasi
Tearing up watching this cause I can relate so much but I love you Nikkie thank you for inspiring others and sharing this story. You are strong and beautiful.
Jaimee Humphrey
Jaimee Humphrey 22 päeva tagasi
"now welcome by my house" loved that part
Hilal Küçükoğlu
Hilal Küçükoğlu 22 päeva tagasi
if I'm gonna cry watching this I need to recover that water
Sumera Shamim
Sumera Shamim 22 päeva tagasi
Only if our Queen know how much we love her n look upto her😭❤️I love you ❤️❤️❤️
Krystal Armstrong
Krystal Armstrong 22 päeva tagasi
I now have even more respect for you than I did before‼️💯 You go girl❣💖
gingercube 23 päeva tagasi
It always blows my mind how tall she is
Angelica Crawford
Angelica Crawford 23 päeva tagasi
Nikkie, you're amazing!!! I have always thought so. Thanks for sharing! You're giving all sorts of people courage to be their authentic selves. 💙💗
Shannon Havisham
Shannon Havisham 24 päeva tagasi
Thank you, Nikkie.
Tickety Boo
Tickety Boo 24 päeva tagasi
Its heartbreaking that you can hear the pain in her voice as she explains it. I don't see why anyone would make her tell us something that doesn't change who she is and isn't really anyones business. The only person in the world she should ever have to tell this too is a medical professional because it could affect her treatment. It changes nothing and anyone that claims is does is ignorant.
shameka sidbury
shameka sidbury 24 päeva tagasi
I just looooooovvvvveeeee u
Megan Mulgrew
Megan Mulgrew 24 päeva tagasi
Never apologize for who you are, your amazing and that’s it that’s all 💜
Teenie 24 päeva tagasi
Yo I remember when I first saw the coming out video. I thought she was gonna say she's lesbian or something but hen she surprised me when she said she's trans. I was so happy for her. I was squealing in my room😂. I never saw her differently. Shes still plain ol' Nikki. Girl we love u❤️
Caroline Ng
Caroline Ng 24 päeva tagasi
In my opinion, it never change my mind. Nikkie is nikkie. Nikkie still nikkie. As a trans she's not act like trans. If u knw what i mean. She act like so natural like you never know she's a trans. The personality just hit different. No offend tho. I support lgbt ❤️
Lestarina EP
Lestarina EP 24 päeva tagasi
The most beautiful eyes have survived some of the most painful stories👏💜❤
Madison Anderegg
Madison Anderegg 20 päeva tagasi
She does have such soft and innocent looking eyes. As if she had never felt pain. Cannot judge a book by its cover..
SE Lina
SE Lina 24 päeva tagasi
That doesn't change anything about the way I see you. You are Nikkie ❤️
Brittney Glover
Brittney Glover 25 päeva tagasi
But who blackmailed you though?
Ashh x
Ashh x 25 päeva tagasi
Wat ben je toch een mooi mens, wees wie je bent, f*ck de rest. Je bent fantastisch, bloed mooi. Kippenvel. Dikke kus xoxo
Jenny garrett
Jenny garrett 26 päeva tagasi
Your incredibly beautiful person and I love your videos! ❤️❤️❤️
Charlotte Elbourne
Charlotte Elbourne 26 päeva tagasi
Im so sorry,i did not know u were trans😢😳💋❤
leonie clear
leonie clear 26 päeva tagasi
How can you glow up when you shine from the get go ♥️
naomi mikhli
naomi mikhli 26 päeva tagasi
Nikki, i don't know if you will see this but I just want to let you know that I'm only seeing this now and you are the bravest woman I know of! the way you can just tell the world about yourself and what you went thruuuu! I would have NEVER been able to do that! i wish you all the best!
Joana Passos Make up
Joana Passos Make up 26 päeva tagasi
Olá Nikkie tudo bem? Talvez você nem chegue a ler meu comentário mas mesmo assim preciso dizer que se já te admirava antes agora admiro muito mas você é linda e talentosa por dentro e por fora o passado ficou lá trás é hora de seguir em frente sem medo de ser feliz parabéns pelo seu trabalho continue sendo essa pessoa incrível que você é .bjs sou sua fã ❤️😘
monsvee 26 päeva tagasi
"I just let my child do whatever it was that made her happy." "have you felt anger?" "not a second." istg the people surrounding Nikkie are everything I aspire the people around me to be someday. Such high emotional intelligence compared to the average human.
RubyH 26 päeva tagasi
I will always love u , nikki 🥰😘 love from vn!
Charlize Marfil
Charlize Marfil 26 päeva tagasi
I love you so much nikkie I am so proud of you❤️
mina mushi
mina mushi 27 päeva tagasi
You still nikkie to me ! Love from France ❤️
Musika Morena
Musika Morena 27 päeva tagasi
Wow! I didnt expect this but I admire her Courage and Braveness to do this
Sara Pelliccio
Sara Pelliccio 27 päeva tagasi
We all don’t love you less or more than is love and we simply love you exactly as much as before! Nikki is Nikki. Proud of you,
Latavia Williams
Latavia Williams 27 päeva tagasi
Off topic but Omg your side profile is everything 🥰
Xirdnehynnej 27 päeva tagasi
You are beautiful! I started watching you thinking what a gorgeous girl..and my feelings towards you or what I thought before and now after this reveal haven’t changed. You are an incredibly gorgeous girl who I love to learn makeup from lol! Our scars and struggles sometimes amplify beauty when you look at someone like you and where you’ve ended up! The climb was so hard but you didn’t complain along the way, you privately endured the struggle and now you’re on the mountain top. It’s beautiful up there! Enjoy the sun on your face and the freedom in the breeze! Enjoy it for all of us struggling in our own ways! You are an incredible inspiration ❤️
Ana Carolina
Ana Carolina 27 päeva tagasi
Such a strong, beautiful and talented woman.
Pretty Lit Girls
Pretty Lit Girls 27 päeva tagasi
I’m just finding this out, I’ve watched Nikki FOREVER.. so proud of her 💘
Senjam senjam
Senjam senjam 27 päeva tagasi
betford2 27 päeva tagasi
Amazing person ♥️
colidoli babynori
colidoli babynori 27 päeva tagasi
Piggy Tutorial😂
Jenni Clarke
Jenni Clarke 29 päeva tagasi
You will always be nikkie tutorials, the woman who taught me makeup and inspired my love for it. I love you nikkie
fariha mahmud
fariha mahmud 29 päeva tagasi
Cried 5 times
Luci Mathews
Luci Mathews 29 päeva tagasi
Absolutely honest. This is so moving, and I am so proud of you for what you are doing to inform & change attitudes. Keep on!
Sugar Grits & Co
Sugar Grits & Co Місяць tagasi
I always wanted to be a girl like you! You are amazing
Keight.ñz Місяць tagasi
Wow she's so tall!!!
Brandi& Leo
Brandi& Leo Місяць tagasi
Just so proud of you 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤😘🤗🙏☺️
Silvana Markovska
Silvana Markovska Місяць tagasi
Teetee Katrell
Teetee Katrell Місяць tagasi
Wow I never even knew she was trans until I watched this and I’ve been seeing her for years
roki ok
roki ok Місяць tagasi
You are amazing. I admire you 🥰😍
M Місяць tagasi
Live Nikkie, je verleden is het stukje wat bij jou hoort en wat jou gemaakt heeft tot wie jij nu bent! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍
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