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I can’t believe I’ve been put in this situation again… I’ve had enough, and my beef with James Charles doesn’t seem to be over any time soon 🤣😉 after James rejected yet another look in his Friends Draw My Makeup Looks video, I’ve decided to, once again, recreate my own look and show James what he’s missing out on! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ, I love you.

James Charles
James Charles 3 місяці tagasi
Bye sister
Alicia Banfield
Alicia Banfield 28 päeva tagasi
why did u do that
Kawaii Pateu
Kawaii Pateu 28 päeva tagasi
well goodluck in prison
Ravikiran Narayana
Ravikiran Narayana Місяць tagasi
Hi james
General Kenobi •77BBY
General Kenobi •77BBY Місяць tagasi
@Eve C uh
101태 Місяць tagasi
Sereńe andre
Sereńe andre 16 tundi tagasi
This did not age WELL
Nick H
Nick H 2 päeva tagasi
Kayla 5 päeva tagasi
This video being two months ago And the scandal being one month ago Nikkie don’t associate 😭
Mandi Bailey
Mandi Bailey 5 päeva tagasi
This is the best kind of tea and beef!!! Love 💘
Erin Maureen Alick
Erin Maureen Alick 6 päeva tagasi
You really are so talented though girl!! Love your looks!
Motivational Therapy
Motivational Therapy 6 päeva tagasi
Seeing your video for the first time .... and absolutely loved it❤️
Glam and Fab Queen TV
Glam and Fab Queen TV 8 päeva tagasi
Time to use her palette again. Its been 6 months or more.
Jackson McNuggets
Jackson McNuggets 8 päeva tagasi
The ofra highlighter looks like an iPod
makeup guide
makeup guide 10 päeva tagasi
i am sorry james but i have to say this that this video call proved that nobody is flawless
makeup guide
makeup guide 10 päeva tagasi
i am sorry james but i have to say this that this video call proved that nobody is flawless
mackenzie webb
mackenzie webb 11 päeva tagasi
This did not age well...
mo mo
mo mo 11 päeva tagasi
his mouth when he speaks... you can tell his character just by the way he moves them..
Tia Tokkesdal
Tia Tokkesdal 12 päeva tagasi
BYE SISTER!! 😂😂 Videos that don’t age well.
TINNI CHAKRABORTY 13 päeva tagasi
Let me tell you that you're much better than Mr sister
Bella S.
Bella S. 15 päeva tagasi
“It’s been a very dark time...my lamps just won’t turn on no matter how many times I reset the circuit breaker” ~James Charles 2021
Dina Anguiano
Dina Anguiano 16 päeva tagasi
Nikki please make a hair toturial, i admire your makeup skills but your hair is always in place!!
Boobleshnoop 539
Boobleshnoop 539 17 päeva tagasi
Nikki can you drop the nude lipstick you’re using please? I appreciate you queen 😩
Birgit Bauhaus
Birgit Bauhaus 19 päeva tagasi
I love to hear you laughing! 😍💞👏👍😉
Birgit Bauhaus
Birgit Bauhaus 19 päeva tagasi
Nikki... 😍🍀💋💓👏! You are too nice, too kind! "Be careful with that "Axe"" of James Charles.... (I just take it from Pink Floyd..😏 ) . He is not honest and not true! Best wishes....👏😍👍 Biggi "van de oude Kant" Emmerich/D.
Isabella Estrada
Isabella Estrada 20 päeva tagasi
I wish u can do my makeup !!!😍😍
samsammysamantha 20 päeva tagasi
Well this didn’t age well 🥴🥴
Poyayo 16 päeva tagasi
I thought the same thing LOL youtube suggested it to me, yt knows what theyre doing lol
Katelyn Vaughn
Katelyn Vaughn 21 päev tagasi
As someone who has no clue how to look as awesome as this, when you said. "Im gonna cut my lid" I thought you meant literally.
Ryan Carter
Ryan Carter 21 päev tagasi
First video of yours that I’m watching and I’m LOVING IT
Rebeca E
Rebeca E 21 päev tagasi
OMG I got so scared bc James is also like “SLAAAAYY QUEEEENN!!!” so I was like: nooo no no no no no no no
Zofia F
Zofia F 22 päeva tagasi
James really said: 🥔 While Nikkie sitting there like: 👸✨
bananapie 22 päeva tagasi
Wow Nikkie can’t believe ur friends with a predator
Rayne Michael
Rayne Michael 22 päeva tagasi
Well this didn’t age well at all🤣💀
lolirock86 23 päeva tagasi
Well, this didn’t age well 🙈
Ethan Barr
Ethan Barr 24 päeva tagasi
You got issues
Leiko Tran Nguyen
Leiko Tran Nguyen 25 päeva tagasi
wait what's the gloss shes using
Adriana Arroyo
Adriana Arroyo 25 päeva tagasi
I love when he said ,"it's been a dark time, my lamps won't turn con." 😂😂😂😂😂😂
olivia jo
olivia jo 26 päeva tagasi
watching his apology now is like ew
Liam Stone
Liam Stone 26 päeva tagasi
This didn’t age well
Florinda Varona
Florinda Varona 26 päeva tagasi
i can see why she would be a successful actress, i literally almost fell for the intro
Hala B
Hala B 26 päeva tagasi
Wow 🤩 you never fail to impress us with your talent 🔥
G Pon
G Pon 28 päeva tagasi
he's literally the master of apologizing without meaning it. smh
Sarah Oulifuia
Sarah Oulifuia 28 päeva tagasi
Nikki ur better then James 😌😌😌😌
All The Artsy
All The Artsy 29 päeva tagasi
Yikes. This aged.... really poorly.
Nana _
Nana _ 29 päeva tagasi
Oof are you still going to be friends with him with all this stuff coming out with him being involved with sending explicit content to minors?
graciella yt
graciella yt 29 päeva tagasi
Fawn Lynn
Fawn Lynn 29 päeva tagasi
this didnt age well
Anna Hart
Anna Hart 29 päeva tagasi
OMG I LOVE THIS WINGS!!! This Look, is a Picture of a bird (maybe a Flamingo) flying into the sky, I LOVE IT!!!
Linzie Stranger
Linzie Stranger Місяць tagasi
this title did not age well
Zoe Perez
Zoe Perez Місяць tagasi
Are you cold??? You look purple ?
Daria Rainbow
Daria Rainbow Місяць tagasi
Drama collab
Nerae 3vollette
Nerae 3vollette Місяць tagasi
I have been a fan of you wayyyyy longer then james charles, with you 100%. You inspire me !!
PINKPUNK Місяць tagasi
I love how im dying the whole time watching this video. (The sad music tho)
Ani King
Ani King Місяць tagasi
Hahaha u guys 😂😂😂
Mae Bella aka Mae
Mae Bella aka Mae Місяць tagasi
Nikki I'm so sorry he did that to you but you know what's going on with him by now I hope, he is a loser. Going after young boys you should be thankful that you were not involved with him. 😢😢 ❤️♥️❤️💅💅💅🤗🤗😢💄💄💄💄😤😤😤😤
Aayushi singh
Aayushi singh Місяць tagasi
Yasss kylie cosmetics
DD Ay Місяць tagasi
Oh his rehearsal was here😂😂
Charlotte Brealey
Charlotte Brealey Місяць tagasi
Lady’s and Gentlemen welcome to the 77th annual hunger games and may the makeup be ever in your favour...
Ab Esh'sham
Ab Esh'sham Місяць tagasi
This did not age well
iisxmplyKat Місяць tagasi
Nikkie is so pretty with and without makeup 🥰 ur amazing girl luv u
KJ Ujhazy
KJ Ujhazy Місяць tagasi
this didn't age well
Amber Winn
Amber Winn Місяць tagasi
James too intimated
Distrar Subvoicar
Distrar Subvoicar Місяць tagasi
Thought you were gonna react to James being cancelled for partying during the pandemic Anyways, you did a great job on this beautiful makeup look :3
Nicole Simms
Nicole Simms Місяць tagasi
Loving the humour 😜 between you and James lol you both are talented artist 🙏
Nicole Simms
Nicole Simms Місяць tagasi
Love your channel Nikki x
Leeanne Batchelor
Leeanne Batchelor Місяць tagasi
Probably couldn't do it!!!!!!!
Anaïs Banneville
Anaïs Banneville Місяць tagasi
Welp, this video didn’t age well 💀
gabriel baracho
gabriel baracho 11 päeva tagasi
And it only has 2 months
Jackie 26 päeva tagasi
Not. At. All.
Sadeem Almohanna
Sadeem Almohanna 27 päeva tagasi
witchy princess
witchy princess Місяць tagasi
@kiwikayart what like what happened
kiwikayart Місяць tagasi
@Jazz G. cause james got caught again for sending n*des and gr**ming m*nors.
candice Місяць tagasi
Take this video down. Don't support a predator.
Moonlighting Stardust
Moonlighting Stardust Місяць tagasi
She does not hate she is awesome she doesn’t not like to make the drama into a wild fire
Sevin Radfar
Sevin Radfar Місяць tagasi
Love your videos 😍😍
Cielo sarabia
Cielo sarabia Місяць tagasi
why does this feel like an April fool's joke even tho you posted this video in feb lmao
Dylan Klann
Dylan Klann Місяць tagasi
Hanimal 101
Hanimal 101 Місяць tagasi
Can we just talk about how James answered the phone and his hair was a wreck and Nicki was completely ready?! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
idkanymore Місяць tagasi
why don't you ever do your brows on cam lysm
Bailey Sandwich
Bailey Sandwich Місяць tagasi
probs cause they take so long i do my brows every now and then to make them darker and it takes foreverr
Janos Sweetheart
Janos Sweetheart Місяць tagasi
Nikkie; One of the most beautiful people on Earth! Luv you forever!
Brittany Lichtman
Brittany Lichtman Місяць tagasi
I'd take it as a compliment tbh. He probably felt intimidated by your look.
Scott Faucher
Scott Faucher Місяць tagasi
I know u already know this & Gurl I myself have only been into this Craaazy World of the "Beauty Community for about 2+ year's & I'm an 80's Teen & Make-Up back then was considered OVER the TOP.... PLEASE! Not compared to what's going on today! Would have LOVED this LEVEL of pigment & shimmer back in the Day! We worked w what we had & it was a hellava lot of purple, Prince "Purple Rain" & just PURPLE eyeshadows was everything. ANYWAY, People R Mean, especially young mean girls, caddy, jealous & judgmental. UR a grown up & should NEVER allow a child to DICTATE ur feelings, ur mood & definitely not ur mental health!! U have NOTHING 2 PROVE 2 ANYBODY! BTW, I've watched a lot of "REAL MAKE UP ARTIST" NOT EEpost BUT IN REAL LIFE MUA'S CRITIQUE UR VERY 1ST make-up tutorials thru today's. UR technique, style & ACTUAL know how & knew how as far back to when you were just 19ish & said U've been consistent & on point, then & NOW!! JOKE 'EM IF THEY CAN'T TAKE A F***!! U JUST KEEP DOING U, IT'S GOTTEN U THIS FAR W/O ALL THE BS DRAMA, I'D SAY UR WAY AHEAD OF UR TIME!!! ☮️♥️☮️♥️☮️♥️
Kalina May
Kalina May Місяць tagasi
Honey that sponge is the size of my face! 😂😂😂
Shiroki Sasaki
Shiroki Sasaki Місяць tagasi
That lip is ART!
Jack Ames
Jack Ames Місяць tagasi
that’s so cute she named a color after her brother
billy billy
billy billy Місяць tagasi
James oh James how could you
rachel nobles
rachel nobles Місяць tagasi
That red wow the color is called true red?
Martin Resendez
Martin Resendez Місяць tagasi
You really lacking content huh.
Sarah Arman
Sarah Arman Місяць tagasi
kanwal hassan
kanwal hassan Місяць tagasi
Shes a pure soul, not like tati🙄
Nour AlAssil
Nour AlAssil Місяць tagasi
Literally my fav beauty gurus on youtube in one video❤️
Delores Caldwell
Delores Caldwell Місяць tagasi
Love how you and James charles handled things true friends love it
fernanda morales
fernanda morales Місяць tagasi
We love supporting predators 🥴🥴
Brooke Hood
Brooke Hood Місяць tagasi
The amount of patience and time you take to tell/ show us what to do! And after ALL THESE YEARS.... UGH! You’re the best! ❤️
Saleha H
Saleha H Місяць tagasi
16:16 “you’re so pretty and talented and famous” awww 🥺
Alex Ortega
Alex Ortega Місяць tagasi
We NEED a Nikkie and Trixie Collab!
Luna'sHorrors Місяць tagasi
Keep it wollig no no no keep it geblend in the worst english accent 😘😂
noen sunflower
noen sunflower Місяць tagasi
I gonna need a part 3
Aathenaïz Місяць tagasi
this is not aging well lol
Irischiana Klugt
Irischiana Klugt Місяць tagasi
ik vind je make up tutorials heel erg leuk en je maakt me altijd blij ❤❤❤❤
Jas Tanierla
Jas Tanierla Місяць tagasi
James Charles do not deserves his subscribers! Nikkie deserves that
Danique Michelle
Danique Michelle Місяць tagasi
This is not makeup its A R T
gemma cross
gemma cross Місяць tagasi
Towfiq Himel
Towfiq Himel Місяць tagasi
I m gonna faint after seeing this look💖💖💖😱
veer Місяць tagasi
Why associate with a predator?..
veer Місяць tagasi
@Sal C Daniel Hm yeah but even then it's not the first time James did stuff like this.. unfortunately.
Sal C Daniel
Sal C Daniel Місяць tagasi
I mean this was before all the evidence came out
Linn Le
Linn Le Місяць tagasi
Addy Townsend
Addy Townsend Місяць tagasi
The beginning: Nikkie tearing up. Me: is this a joke? Am i tripping? Is she kidding? Am i double taking?
McKenzie M
McKenzie M Місяць tagasi
Your makeup looks gorgeous and so does your hair and I must know what you use to curl your hair like that
F.hegerfeldt Місяць tagasi
Not gonna lie though the firework reference was smooth as your skin
Paola Abreu
Paola Abreu Місяць tagasi
That liner shook me to the core... I’m speechless 🤭♥️
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